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White Oud Wood Bakhoor - Pure Luxury in Every Note

White Oud Wood Bakhoor - Pure Luxury in Every Note

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White Oud Wood Bakhoor is a masterpiece of fragrance craftsmanship, showcasing the finest Oud wood chips infused with premium fragrance oil. This exquisite bakhoor is designed to provide a luxurious and long-lasting scent, perfect for special occasions or everyday use.


- Made from the finest Oud wood chips, carefully selected for their rarity and quality
- High-quality fragrance oil for a long-lasting scent
- Unique and distinctive aroma, evoking the essence of purity and luxury
- Perfect for perfuming homes, offices, or cars
- Luxurious packaging for a thoughtful gift

Product Details:

- High-quality cardboard box with elegant design
- Suitable for both men and women
- Perfect for special occasions or everyday use

Experience the pure luxury of White Oud Wood Bakhoor, with its premium quality and long-lasting fragrance. Order now and indulge in the essence of elegance!

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