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Sulemani Aqeeq Tasbih: A Sacred and Powerful Companion

Sulemani Aqeeq Tasbih: A Sacred and Powerful Companion

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Amplify Your Prayers with the Blessings of Aqeeq

Our Sulemani Aqeeq Tasbih is a exquisite prayer bead necklace featuring 33 beads of high-quality Aqeeq stone, revered for its spiritual significance and blessings in Islamic tradition.


- Made from genuine Aqeeq stone, known for its deep red color and powerful energy
- 33 beads, each carefully crafted to provide a smooth and comfortable touch
- Sulemani Aqeeq is believed to bring peace, protection, and spiritual growth
- Beautifully designed with a silver-toned separator and closure
- Perfect for Muslims seeking a sacred and meaningful prayer companion


- Amplifies the power of your prayers and supplications
- Provides a sense of calm and inner peace
- Believed to offer protection from harm and negativity
- A meaningful and thoughtful gift for loved ones
- Durable and long-lasting construction

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