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Sipara Set: A Complete Collection of Quranic Wisdom

Sipara Set: A Complete Collection of Quranic Wisdom

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Embark on a spiritual journey with our Sipara Set, a comprehensive collection of the Holy Quran divided into 30 individual volumes (siparas). Each sipara is meticulously crafted to provide a clear and concise understanding of the Quranic teachings.

This set is perfect for:

- Personal study and reflection
- Teaching and learning
- Recitation and memorization
- Gift-giving for special occasions

Product Details:

- 30 individual volumes (siparas)
- High-quality printing and binding
- Clear and large Arabic text
- Urdu translation and commentary
- Beautiful design and layout
- Ideal for personal, educational, and religious purposes

May this Sipara Set guide you on your spiritual path and deepen your understanding of the Divine Word."

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