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Qaed Al Fursan - The Leader of Knights

Qaed Al Fursan - The Leader of Knights

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Qaed Al Fursan is a majestic perfume oil that embodies the spirit of leadership and courage. Inspired by the legendary Arabian knights, this exquisite fragrance is crafted with the finest ingredients to evoke the essence of strength, honor, and wisdom.


- Premium perfume oil with a long-lasting fragrance
- Blended with rare and expensive essential oils
- Rich, woody, and oriental scent with notes of oud, rose, and sandalwood
- Perfect for those who seek a fragrance that commands respect and admiration
- Comes in a luxurious bottle with elegant packaging


- Experience the majesty and leadership of the Arabian knights
- Enjoy a long-lasting fragrance that makes a statement
- Perfect for special occasions or everyday wear
- A unique and thoughtful gift for those who value courage and honor

Product Specifications:

- Fragrance Type: Woody/Oriental
- Bottle Size: 100ml

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