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Antique Sulemani Tasbeeh 24 Beads: A Rare and Sacred Find

Antique Sulemani Tasbeeh 24 Beads: A Rare and Sacred Find

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Own a piece of history with our Antique Sulemani Tasbeeh 24 Beads, carefully crafted from high-quality Sulemani stones. This exquisite tasbeeh features 24 beads, each one uniquely shaped and polished to perfection.

Sulemani stone is believed to possess powerful properties, including:

- Protection from harm and negativity
- Inner strength and courage
- Guidance and direction
- Spiritual growth and enlightenment

This antique tasbeeh is a rare and sacred find, perfect for those seeking a deeper connection with their spiritual practices. Its unique energy and historic significance make it a treasured possession for any spiritual seeker.

Product Details:

- 24 high-quality Sulemani stones
- Antique craftsmanship with intricate details
- Unique and rare find
- Perfect for spiritual practices and meditation

May this tasbeeh bring you closer to your spiritual journey and may the blessings of the universe be upon you."


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